Nutrition Coaching for Everyone!

Is this the right program for you?

YES! Our nutrition program is designed to meet your goals, no matter what they are!

This program is for everyone - from the person who wants to improve their body composition to those looking to improve their health markers. Our coaches will give you a personalized nutrition plan created just for you and provide the accountability and education to maintain life-long healthy habits.

With our goal-based nutrition program, you will receive:

✔️ A personalized nutrition plan from an experienced nutrition coach

✔️ Accountability to achieve your goals with a coach monitoring your progress

✔️ Advice and adjustments from your coach based on your feedback

✔️ A comprehensive Nutrition 101 Handbook with nutrition guidelines for long-term success

✔️ Weekly email check-ins and bi-weekly Zoom meetings or phone calls with your coach to monitor your progress, address challenges, and make changes as needed

Our Results

Get the tools you need to develop healthier habits and maintain your best quality of life... forever.

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Based on your unique needs, personal goals, and designed to fit your lifestyle.

Certified Nutrition Coach

Who can provide you advice and modifications throughout your entire journey

Accountability Tracking Worksheet

Reviewed by your coach

Nutrition Guide

A comprehensive 'Get Started' manual with our nutritional guidelines for long-term success.

Q&A With Your Coach

Your questions answered and adjustments made to ensure your success

Meet your Nutrition Coach

Erin Scharnweber

Erin received her Precision Nutrition coaching certification in December 2020 after many years of nutrition playing a vital role in her health and fitness journey. She has personally seen how her life, mental health, and physical health can improve once prioritizing proper nutrition, and she is excited to help others along their journey.

How it Works

Step 1: Commit to goals

Decide your commitment level for your lifelong health goals by signing up.

Step 2: Complete the questionnaire

Complete the questionnaire that will go directly to your coach for review.

Step 3: Coach Review

Coach reviews your questionnaire and contacts you to set up an initial meeting.

Step 4: Zoom / Phone call

Meet with your coach to discuss your goals and potential habit change opportunities.

Step 5: Receive your plan

Receive your personalized nutrition plan and Nutrition 101 Handbook from your coach.

Step 6: Get started

Get started on your plan. Expect weekly check-ins and habit tweaks from your coach.

Ready to Start Today?

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